Transformative Focus on Your Core Business

Facilitated Executive Brainstorming

Business Goals and Objectives

Planning Find creative solutions to key problems by empowering your executives and staff in quick, immersive, facilitated sessions

Competitive Analysis

Research Access information to gain insight into competitors targets, profits, and weaknesses

Marketing Threats and Opportunities

Brainstorming Gain clear focus on the marketplace opportunities, targeting, sales and advertising

Funding and Finance

Execution Gain access and present to investor pools, angel funding, and crowd funding with experts who know how.

Strategic Planning, Analysis and Transformation

Virtual Corporation

Employees can work remotely today, saving money and helping morale. Managing remote workers and outsourced resources is a challenge. We help you employ proven methods for harnessing remote workforces with solid IT security that exceeds PCI and OWASP guidelines.

Advanced Cloud Architecture and Big Data

Cloud technology can be very cost effective, but only if deployed with high levels of security. Secure files, database transactions, even big data. We know how to help you implement big data cost effectively so you don't fall prey to the hype cycle vendors.

Focus on What's Important

You and your executives can run your business without all the distractions that bog companies down.

  • Know and communicate priorities
  • Motivate staff to focus on critical tasks
  • Institute changes rapidly
  • Slash unneeded overhead
  • Offload non-competitive functions
  • Instill in your teams accountability and vitality